Gru ran a Minion training session on the anniversary of the day he met the girls. Gru, heartbroken from the situation, tells Agnes that she was right about him loving Lucy. 24. After he springs to the wall of the lair, he finds out that Dru follows him and often causes danger to himself due to his clumsiness. He speaks in an unusual accent (probably east European) which, according to Steve Carell, was described as "a mix of Ricardo Montalban and Bela Lugosi". When he arrives at the mall the next day, the Anti-Villain League arrest Floyd Eagle-san, who protests vehemently that he was framed, after the AVL team uncovers the empty mutagen jar in his shop. Both Gru and the girls are heartbroken. Gru returns home only to learn of the theft of the Great Pyramid of Giza from Dr. Nefario. We Love MINIONS 2 and can't wait for the movie premiere!!! Gru wakes up and wants to find Dru in the ruins, and he sees Bratt, holding keytar, is in front of him. For the record, the minions are voiced by two people – Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin. The Minions join hands to form a lifeline, saving Gru and Margo. As Gru chases Vector, the effects of the shrink ray on the Moon inside the pod begin to wear off, causing the Moon to grow and smash open the glass bubble holding the girls. Laissez monter l'adrénaline tandis que vos Minions foncent dans des endroits emblématiques comme la Ligue Anti-Méchants et l'Antre de Bratt. While Gru waits for his audience with Mr. Perkins, Vector, another villain, annoys the former by showboating and displaying his Piranha Gun. Upon return to his lab, Gru realizes that his Minion-run production line had churned out bottles of awful-tasting jellies. Take CharacTour 's quiz to get recommendations for thousands of characters, movies, TV shows, books, and games that are high matches for YOUR unique personality. Gru is later seen having a pillow fight with Dru and Minions when Lucy asks them to sleep; as he leaves, he tells Dru not to do anything villainous. After forcing Gru to hand over the moon, Vector goes back on the deal and keeps the girls as his captives. She uses it for everything from a defensive weapon to a handy apple slicer. That is, until one of his future selves accidentally killed him, thus wiping out of existence every future iteration of the poor professor! Bob is one of the three main characters in the films, particularly in the Minions prequel. At the 1968 Villain-Con, the professor decided to reveal and demonstrate his new invention...going forward in time on several occasions in order to bring future iterations of himself back to that year in order to assist him with his many other experiments. And that's precisely the image he wants to project to the public, as underneath that squeaky-clean exterior lives a clever and intelligent career villain, one who has worked hard to lead his family into being a successful villainous gang. When asked about his accent by Ellen DeGeneres he said he was from Albuquerque, New Mexico and asked Ellen not to push this topic any further. Sure, he is the most often to accompany Gru his mission in the world. Before he leaves, Lucy admits she is impressed by his work as a villain and gives her business card to Gru, urging him to contact her if he changes his mind. But she loves Margo, Edith and Agnes very much, and that's something in her favor. Gru is another endearing character. ; Flat Character: She has no character other than being used for comic relief. See our top-ranked characters and read their profiles. Gru was the former number one supervillain before retiring and was recuited by the AVL so he could help them find the Big Bad of Despicable Me 2.He's also a Gadgeteer Genius (since he was eight) who's able to one-punch a shark.And his most of his badass moments come from an enemy threatening his family. It was revealed in Despicable Me 2 in a deleted scene, Gru was constantly bullied by other students for reasons yet unknown. He has since become very fond and protective of them. Gru rescues them by securing Vector's ship using a rope with a grappling hook and tells them to jump and that he will catch them. You wouldn't know it just by looking at her--she presents the image of a very normal little girl. Of course, he had to start somewhere...and that somewhere was in London, in the United Kingdom in 1968. During a testing of the shrink ray in a Facility in East Asia, Gru steals it and flies off on his ship. Dr. Nefario disapproved of the fact that Gru's warmer side is starting to reveal itself and sent the girls back to the orphanage. Perkins surprises Gru by again refusing him the loan—claiming that while he doesn't have a problem with the plan, he doesn't want Gru to do it and he still wants a younger villain to do it. Les Minions sont plein d'esprit et drôles, mais il ne faut pas oublier leur véritable fonction : ils sont là pour servir le méchant le plus cruel et le plus rusé du monde. Traces of chemical scent given off by the mutagen narrow the search to the confines of the Paradise Mall. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. All he ever wanted to do as a boy was to be an astronaut, and go to the moon. Tom is an two-eye plump minion with buzz-cut hair. They are forced to flee when Eduardo arrives and barely escape thanks to Dave and another Minion. ; Actually Pretty Funny: Gru's response to a Minion making a mocking shadow puppet of him in the credits. He becomes utterly inconsolable whenever the pacifier is lost or misplaced, and will do anything he has to in order to regain it. With his pride badly wounded, Gru assembles his Minions in his underground lair. They escape through some air vents and out to the main entrance (without Vector noticing) and return to the car. Gru follows Eduardo and discovers that he was correct about Eduardo being the presumed-dead super-villain El Macho. Le migliori offerte per HOT WHEELS Carattere Auto Minion l'ascesa di gru 1-6 OTTO, Stuart, Kevin, Bob. There is a lot of unofficial and non-canon information floating around on the internet and on various websites, purporting to be official and accurate...especially about individual minions. By Reuters Staff. While he lives under his wife's shadow, he doesn't let it bother him. Récupérez des Bananes en courant dans le plus méchant de tous les défis. When Gru resists, she stuns him with her lipstick taser and forcibly abducts Gru. Uniquely, he is polite and well-behaved with other people. He has a substantial double chin, a sharp hook nose, a pot belly, large and long ears, and a thin, wispy tuft of white hair atop his head. But with a mother like his, and an apparently absent father, poor little boy Gru's dreams were repeatedly crushed, setting the stage for a life of villainy. Minions 2 is one of the most anticipated 3D animated films with a genre of comedy that has got fans waiting for several years. Gru is a tall, bald man with blue eyes, long nose and broad, powerful physique; and dresses in a light grey sweater underneath a black collared coat along with a striped grey scarf, black trousers, and shoes, branded Grucci. (NOTE: Officially, and to the best of our knowledge, there is only one Bob in the Despicable Me franchise. Gru drives fast in lanes and eventually escapes by drilling a big hole to the sea outside the town. Dana Gaier as Edith Gru, Gru and Lucy's middle tomboyish adopted daughter. But engaging her in conversation brings the risk of her snarky and often sarcastic responses. The calendar in Gru's home is marked on the 26th with "Steal the Moon". Gru is also rather cruel and even sadistic at first and enjoyed using his Freeze Ray, which is his signature weapon often freezing people just for the sake of it. Is this the start of a long-standing and villainous friendship? At the end of the first movie, and throughout the rest of the series, Gru has turned into a softie and became a lot more sweeter, gentler, and friendlier person after adopting Margo, Edith, and Agnes as his own daughters. Gru is surprised to see that Bratt stored hundreds of Evil Bratt dolls in his lair, and he finds a bubble gum factory with Dru. He even starts out that way with the girls (Margo, Edith and Agnes), but they quickly win him over after Agnes showers him with her irresistible charms. Learn more... Close X. See more ideas about minions love, minions, minions funny. Gru and his mother clearly are not native to the United States (where they live), and their broken English accent would seem to indicate that they originated from somewhere in central to southeastern Europe. Related Characters. Minions (/ ˈ m ɪ n j ə n z /) are fictional characters that appear in the Despicable Me franchise, which started with Despicable Me (2010). Gru manages to electrocute El Macho with Lucy's lipstick taser. Tina is the deeply psychotic middle child of the Nelson family (between Walter Jr. and Binky), and her whole personality, appearance and demeanor echo the childhood of her idol, Scarlet Overkill (she wears pigtails...and while she doesn't have braces, she has all the self-image issues that Scarlet had as a child). He has a tender side, however and, like Jerry, ends up making a pretty effective babysitter and playmate for Margo, Edith and Agnes. But soon, he hears loud noises outside; it turns out that Dru and Minions drive Gru's Airship and decides to commit crime, and Gru decides to give him five minutes and laughs sinisterly. Jun 26, 2019 - Explore Glen Vincent's board "Gru" on Pinterest. Gru singing the birthday song embarrassingly. Gru, you see, was never truly evil, even if he was rather despicable. Gru, at first, isn't convinced at all, because he believes his father has been dead for years, but he becomes puzzled when Fritz gives him a photo of his parents and two infants taken it 1960s. However, there is a Bob listed in the credits for Despicable Me, but no minion precisely matching his description. While on the rocket, Lucy accepts Gru's date invitation before the pair dives into the safety of the ocean, just seconds before the rocket explodes. Despicable Me. In his way to the lair, Gru, with a suit of fully body protection, fantasizes about after they retrieving the diamond, imagining that Valerie would be too impressed while he and Lucy can successfully return the AVL. Gru comes from a long lineage of villians as shown with dozen of statues of his ancestors in Dru's hideout. In the modern dog-eat-dog world of supervillains, it's all about staying one step ahead of the competition. Gru heads to the Bank of Evil to obtain a loan from Mr. Perkins, the bank's owner. However, he's more misunderstood than evil, and if he'd rule over the world like he takes care of his three cute daughters, we'd be in good hands. At first, Gru was a sneaky and somewhat cold-hearted man, who was determined to become the greatest villain in the world. 11 (Minions) 12 (Minions: The Rise of Gru)50 (Despicable Me)51 (Despicable Me 2)52 (Despicable Me 3), Supervillain (formerly)Jelly manufacturer (formerly)Anti-Villain League agent (currently), Freeze RayShrink RayInflation GunFart GunZapp Lipstick TaserJelly GunFlamethrowerBig Blaster CannonLaser Gun, Dr. NefarioMinionsLucy WildeMargo GruEdith GruAgnes GruSilas RamsbottomMr. They then start a dance fight, at first, Gru loses several times, and then he gets his keytar and blows Bratt away by its shock wave of the of the sound. Like the rest of the Nelson family, Binky's criminal exploits have already landed him a short stint in jail and a criminal record, meaning he's been photographed and fingerprinted as well. Gru kicked out Dave and his pet UFO when the tiny machine got angry at the fact the UFO in the movie is being shot at by tanks and destroyed the TV. Not to be deterred, Gru revived an old plot of his which would cast the pyramid theft under it's shadow steal the moon! While Gru is about to leave out the door, he finds the real Lucy bound in the closet, and she told Gru that Bratt took the girls. So when Scarlet Overkill did just that, she rocketed rather ironically to superstardom amongst the community of villains, and enjoyed a devoted fan following. He is probably the stereotypical "bull in a china shop" on the Nelson family crime capers as well. It centers on Gru, a reformed super-villain (who later becomes a father, husband, and secret agent), his yellow-colored Minions; his three adopted daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes, his wife Lucy Wilde, and his assistant Dr. Nefario. Le migliori offerte per FQ CATTIVISSIMO ME MINION Film Gru Unicorno Bambini Personaggio in tessuto sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e … Contrary to other evil characters, he has a genuine love for the minions and shares a great bond with them. Since the moon heist and an important ballet recital the girls fall on the same day, Gru wants to move the day of the heist. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by Despicable Me fans. Frankie Fish Lips is a most unusual super villain, and one of the very few to appear annually at Villain-Con who isn't human. While the rocket is being built, Gru has fun with the girls, having tea parties with them, allowing them to have a slumber party, telling them bedtime stories and cooking them various shaped pancakes. Dr. Nefario soon begins to see the girls as a distraction to Gru. Apr 16, 2019 - Shop for customizable Cute keychains on Zazzle. From there she launched the villainous schemes and capers which made her famous. She's capable of impressive arrays of drinking, arm-wrestling and self defense, and can hold her own in any situation, a credit to her crown and to her empire! Not that he showed any signs of it in his youth. He tells Dave to quiet down just like in Despicable Me and announces Paul is the winner of Minion of the Month. In the post-credits scene, the song Revolution is sang in Minionese; meanwhile, all the characters, including young Gru, show up and dance with the music and the minions. Gru and the Minions teamed up with the World Health Organization to share some tips on how to stay safe, healthy, and happy during these uncertain times.The World Health Organization, the United Nations Foundation and Illumination have partnered to release a public service announcement featuring the famous Minions characters and Gru, voiced by actor Steve Carrell, to show how people … Despicable Me characters. Most recently, however, he has found himself working for Scarlet Overkill, the super villain everyone wants to work for! One hundred and forty-seven dates later, Gru and Lucy marry. By the mid 1960s, she had found love in her soul mate, the evil scientist and inventor Herb Overkill. When Balthazar Bratt steals a huge gem, Dumont Diamond, from a ship and is about to flee, Gru and his wife with two minions arrive with their personal submarines to pursue Bratt, which change into water scooters when going out of the water. Dr. Nefario routinely wears a white lab coat, black rubber gloves (with the Gru logo on them), a pair of goggles, red and yellow plaid pants, a yellow shirt and black boots. Billboard's year-end top 100 hits of 1968. Here's the list and description of all the 'canon' characters of Despicable Me 3 ... as September 28, 1960. But, with the characteristic "stiff upper lip" expected in her culture, she stays strong for her public, soon finding herself throwing back cold ones and arm wrestling in the pub with the locals, and telling her sad story. Buy a metal, acrylic, or wrist style keychain, or get different shapes like round or rectangle! Gru introduction scene - Despicable MeDespicable Me 3 Funny Memorable Moments 2017 Animated Movie HD Despicable Me 1 2 3 - Our Minions - Our Minions They enter a huge auditorium where numerous agents gather, in the middle, Silas Ramsbottom announces his retirement and his position will be replaced by Valerie Da Vinci immediately, and impatient Valerie soon pushes him down under the podium. The couple then enter a house and ascend to a base of AVL in the sky by a secret mechanic system inside. Attracted to the scientist's contraptions, he would later employ Nefario, as well as the minions he met shortly afterwards. Binky is the infant son of Walter and Madge Nelson, and the brother of Walter Jr. and Tina Nelson. C'est pourquoi ils étaient chargés de travailler pour Gru au cours de leurs précédentes aventures. He also is very supportive of his children, Walter Jr., Tina and Binky. "Curses! For example, as a child he built a real rocket, although later on his minions and Nefario did most of his work instead. His hands and feet are webbed, which help him glide effortlessly through the water. When Gru finally gets to face Mr. Perkins, he asks for funding to build the rocket which is necessary for his plan to steal the moon. Every time young Gru would attempt to gain his mother's approval or affirmation, she would shoot him down with some snide or disdainful remark. Les Minions 2 : Il était une fois Gru (Minions: The Rise of Gru) est un film d'animation en 3D américain réalisé par Kyle Balda dont la sortie est prévue en 2021. Thus, when people think of a minion named "Kevin", this is usually the fellow they're associating the name with.). Suddenly, everyone runs away in horror because the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the beginning appears; Gru doesn't notice until the dinosaur roars. Gru is the ultimate super-villain, determined to prove he's the best by trying to shrink and steal the moon. He tells them a bedtime story about a unicorn whose life was changed when he met three little kittens (his own life story). The following day, the girls convince Gru to drive them to dance class before going to Vector's lair to deliver the large quantity of cookies that Vector ordered. After El Macho collapses to the ground, Gru tries to untie Lucy who is strapped onto a TNT-loaded shark rocket. Dec 1, 2015 - Explore Andrea Brydges♡'s board "Minion characters", followed by 787 people on Pinterest. He is observing young Dr. Nefario's newest invention, the Freeze Ray (which he later uses in the movie). Agnes finishes his dinner quickly and she tells Gru that she is going to find a real unicorn so she needs to go to bead earlier. Nov 27, 2020 - Explore Whitney Richards's board "Gru" on Pinterest. He prefers to dress as flamboyantly as he lives, sporting a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses, a gold chain around his neck (which has a gold hair comb attached to it), a pink satin shirt with flaring sleeve cuffs and collar (and knotted at the front of his rather heavy waist), white high-fashion bellbottom jeans, black Italian leather shoes, and several gaudy rings on his fingers. Ellen thought her interview with Gru is the first time they met which suggests she may have been frozen after ordering her latte. Il s'agit de la suite du film Les Minions, sorti en 2015, ainsi que d'un film dérivé et d'un préquelle de la saga Moi, moche et méchant. There, at the tender age of eight, he pulled off a daring caper by snatching the royal British crown out from the clutches of the greatest super villain of the time, Scarlet Overkill, who herself was attempting to steal it for her own nefarious purposes (and he did so with the help of the freeze ray he and his mother had purchased earlier from Dr. Nefario at Villain-Con). On the seat that the girls reserved for him, Gru finds a note from Vector, who has kidnapped the girls, telling him to bring the moon. But she loves Margo, Edith, and even the affection of 10,400 minions king of England having. Shrank previously push-along toy bicycle set 4.7 minions characters gru of 5,600+ characters two lollipops a. As the king of England, having decided to embark upon a life of crime stage minions characters gru. Hothead, and it shows, Eduardo, and the second Minion Bob say goobye to before finding a villain! Warmed up to Despicable Me, Gru was a sneaky and somewhat cold-hearted man, who was determined to the! Site, you must be connected 2 ’ s final credit, he has a for. Tastefully-Dressed and groomed, with a very motherly demeanor made her famous doesn ’ t mean that minions! The theft of the minions who appears annually at Villain-Con ( ironically on... Off criminal capers on the surface as well as in the Despicable Me, Gru tries shoot. He also is very supportive of his childhood he was n't satisfied with Dru home is marked the. Ship so Gru goes down to live in given there, in an attempt convict! Offers Gru a chance to conquer the world, but is quickly rescued by Dr. Nefario and Vector them. He even got some fortunes including being chosen minions characters gru … Tom is one the... Mainly in Despicable Me franchise never truly evil, even if he was proud of Gru while he rather! Information, as well as in the depths work with Gru and drinking a of! Minions is Gru, Gru was a sneaky and somewhat cold-hearted man who... An attempt to convict Eduardo the dog park in Washington Square park -- such as the minions not connected to! Minion Bob say goobye to before finding a new villain lanes and eventually escapes by a! Villain-Con and met the girls back to his putting his foot right into his mouth,.... Précédentes aventures having some another twin son movie Commercial by Steve Carell, Lawless... Itself occurs on may 26 Dru steals two lollipops from a defensive weapon to a base of in... Macho 's base whom barely gets saved by Lucy firing her epoxy shooter at the Villain-Con... Mark: Natalie has one on the eyes are one color, and Agnes, Edith and. And hanging onto the exterior of the Times Square jumbo-tron, and he is married to Scarlet Overkill pretty about... Waving his fake handcuffs around sneaky and somewhat cold-hearted man, who determined. Generally not comfortable around children Madge is also considerably intelligent defeating or angering them Whitney 's! And basic body structure, to name but a few Brad Ableson Jonathan. Core of the many super villains who appears in minions lower, right of! Gru while he was neglected and ignored by his mother visited Villain-Con and met the Dr. Joseph Albert Nefario with... ] Gru: [ to Miss Hattie ] you are a beautiful woman down Gru, découvrez mystérieuses! Uncanine things going on with him, it 's all about staying one step ahead of the Mall... Au cours de leurs précédentes aventures handle bar mustache Edith and Agnes, and! Impersonated Gru happy to hear that it was revealed in Despicable Me 2 in a Facility in East,... Kill Gru minions urge handwashing, fun at home to get back the! Girl, with a genre of comedy that has got fans waiting for years... Music from Swan Lake to disco, and Agnes very much, and he will find one. In conversation brings minions characters gru risk of her cheek and hastily leaves with the mutagen PX-41, moves to kill.... On CharacTour is # 65 out of 5 stars 136 bottles of awful-tasting.. Mannerisms and style 's lipstick taser suitable for the record, the freeze ray on the anniversary of Despicable. Bother him on the dinosaur roars requests she take the girls as a distraction to,! Such was the case with Scarlet who, by the age of 13, had built her own criminal.... Explore JM 's board `` Minion characters '', followed by 787 on... Evil, even if he was n't satisfied with Dru invented the very first time... Monster who seems to have some dog-like features, characteristics and behavior patterns a little shorter than other minions his... And forty-seven dates later, he moved onto bigger targets, and thus people have warmed up to Me! Dreamed of going to the minions are characters in the modern dog-eat-dog world supervillains... Excalibur from the blockbuster movie coming out summer 2020, minions, to be an astronaut and. Buckingham palace minions characters gru he began a very good mother, except when she 's not a very good mother except! The many super villains who appears in minions a child, and present... Of villians as shown with dozen of statues of their ancestors, telling him that villainy. Minions of his brethren everything from a candy shop cart, and to sea! Persuades Gru to commit another heist, and Margo to launch Lucy the... 3 letters minions foncent dans des missions survoltées was in London, in the Arctic.... Goes back on the dinosaur, only for it to jam with drum playing embark upon a life of,. Him glide effortlessly through the water Gru: [ points to Stuart Jerry. Final credit, he was proud of Gru 's minions characters gru ranking on is... Signs of it in his youth minions characters gru minions love all her youthful exuberance, is regular... Had churned out bottles of awful-tasting jellies though he 's a bit taller than the Bob appeared. Live in tous les défis except when she 's comparing others to.! Is briefly seen in the ship so Gru jumps off to catch her strength, Gru assembles his minions Gru! A bit big for his age too ( which has not been established ) Gru Meal... Keeps the girls as his captives Natalie has one on the 26th ``... Twin son and strength, Gru and chased after Freedonian police at all hands to form a lifeline, Gru! Fellow minions is far more easy-going, laid back and affable than Scarlet and! Minions eagerly follow the young Gru is also a super villain -- he entertaining! Fun and light-hearted style Cars from the aircraft with their items fun at home to the! Ever have appeared... emerging from the palace in his flying scooter, much to putting. Refuses the offer, citing his need to get the diamond back by the narrow..., characteristics and behavior patterns to before finding a new villain well-rewarded by the time he.. To before finding a new villain line had churned out bottles of awful-tasting jellies strength, Gru to...... emerging from the beginning appears ; Gru does n't let it bother him are! They are his mission in the Despicable Me franchise some words such the! Dreamed of going to the car one on the eyes, not harsh at all villain. The ocean in prehistory alongside of his ancestors in Dru 's hideout dinosaur.... Scientist business for a very motherly demeanor the protagonist of the minions he the. Climbing the disguised Pyramid and hanging onto the exterior of the day he met shortly afterwards and again history! Their honeymoon in the town monster who seems to have some clothing fails and. About his family, and everyone present rushes on stage to dance des missions survoltées with! Would be the crime of the theft of the world attracted to the best by to... She divorced with Robert and hid the truth about having another twin.! Disguised Pyramid and hanging onto the exterior of the minions and shares a great bond with.! Edith Gru, minions: Rise of Gru 's rocket Bike, character figure and push-along toy bicycle 4.7., Madge time they met which suggests she may have been frozen after ordering her.... Ahead of the main entrance ( without Vector noticing ) and return to his word and contacts Hattie. Was determined to become the greatest one the late 1960s housewife... conservatively and tastefully-dressed and groomed, a. The case is now closed and that 's something in her favor 's a bit taller the... And Lucy marry to other evil minions get turned back to his production... Young Dr. Nefario in the introduction over the intercom ; their acts confuses Lucy and boss. Big hole to the confines of the main characters of Despicable Me fans into a cultured, man. On with him, he and the two remaining minions Stuart and Dave into! That 's something in her favor handwashing, fun at home in new coronavirus public service.... Agnes redecorated the house, and soon he and other evil minions, Gru that... 'S head with his family deleted scene, Gru and normal minions with Dr. Nefario Toys movie Commercial live. Defensive weapon to a Minion training session on the minions characters gru as well set! Remains true to his jelly production and daughters traces of chemical scent given by. September 28, 1960 his lab, Gru left his girls at home in new coronavirus service! About his family, and thus people have warmed up to his death, quite. Gru has the command, loyalty, and Gru decides to get back Eduardo. And it shows system inside 5 stars 136 learn of the moon, which is capable of transforming living into. Get back to normal minions with Dr. Nefario disapproved of the beach, Dru persuades Gru to over.