The extra-wide bow provides further seating options, with room to spare. People. And new sails are shockingly expensive). Family cruisers: The best multihulls for space and comfort at sea. They have not stopped since. I've heard of Pierce-Arrow cars, but a Pierce-Arrow boat?!? And it has a head. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Bayliner Element E18; 2. This looks like the perfect boat, you can right it with one person, it fits 6 comfortably. 5. That includes Skeeter’s revolutionary REACT Keel for enhanced control and turning as an all-new feature for 2021, along with an all-new stereo system with Bluetooth streaming., They're a bit smaller than the length might suggest, and no cuddy cabin, but it has good stowage, secure cockpit, deck space for kids to run around playing pirate (or whatever). The best 5 small sailboats for sailing around the world. So 6, esp with small kids, should be doable in a Lightning, Flying Scot, Highlander, etc. Hell, for three grand I might go buy it..... With a keel that draws only 2.5 feet, it won't go upwind very well...but otherwise fits all the OP's requirements. An available Touch Command digital helm puts essentials like the tach, tunes, depth, GPS, wake presets and camera controls on a single, intuitive touch screen for total control. Having a small cabin, even a cuddy cabin allows some members of your crew to retreat a bit. By Staff. Maybe a bit heavy, but they're everywhere, swing keel, pretty good sailer. Bayliner 170 Bowrider; 3. 10 Best Boats for Family Fun and Entertaining 10 Best Boats for Family Fun and Entertaining. July 24, 2014. Looks like it ought to sail OK and has a reasonable looking deck layout; the worst thing I see is the non-galvanized trailer but of course you won't be dunking it into salt water, either. The fundamental weakness of larger vessels is the scale begins to challenge the abilities of a single person to be able to manage and maintain all aspects of the sailing. A convertible ports-ide lounge adjusts to provide a variety of seating configurations, while there’s a head and sink concealed in the boat’s stylish port-side console. He needs to tow it somewhere, another expensive proposition. Or something like this Oday 19, trailerable, has cuddy cabin, perhaps not so sporty to sail but it works. The Lagoon 380 is a smaller catamaran which is not the most common. If you can find one a Santana 2023 A or C is very easy to trailer and set up, has a centerboard that doesn't intrude into the cabin, water ballast, good performance and is attractive to most. Personally I dislike SJ-21s because they are poorly built and uncomfortable. While he’s prepared to make repairs, he first needs to take the boat out of the water, which is costly. Sea Ray SPX 230 SPX 230 Sea Ray’s sporty SPX 230 is a capable, versatile and elegant family runabout that builds on the legendary boat builder’s enduring legacy or quality and innovation. After a few close calls, the wife refused to step onboard the boat until her husband took a course. June 23, 2016. ), Sorry, I forgot about the offset-companonway-deathtrap thing. Has a portapotty (not a necessity, but would allow longer sails). 96 With kids it is very nice to have some kind of cabin/shelter/shade. 500 pound boat - can trailer behind a vw if you need to. Thoughtful features, like a useful windshield vent lets the breeze flow through, and a pair of slide-out 45-qt Yeti Tundra coolers, speak to Blackfin’s attention to detail in this versatile and appealing family runabout. I have looked at a couple boats in the area and a lot more pictures online., One thing to remember when shopping for older boats- equipment is a HUGE part of the value. Destinations . Massive storage compartments accommodate a weekend’s worth of gear, while still allowing dedicated space for a removable cooler. Albin Vega 27., There are some cheap c-scows around here but those are a little too unstable for my purposes. I don't plan on sleeping aboard. It looks sharp but may not sell immediately unless somebody travels. Or one of these There's enough space there that even if you bring camping gear for overnight, you should be able to keep some space clear for some crew to retire below, esp. Delphia 34 family cruising yacht video: first look. Boats I have seen on craigslist that show promise: Vanguard nomad 17 $6500 (pros: fast, fun, light, designed as family boat, holds value? Macgregor 25 is great. Inspired by the UK Sea Cadets to replace their aging fleet, the RS Quest has rapidly become the best-selling dinghy of its type worldwide. I would like to get a boat that fits all six of us. I hope the trip is short. 8. TIHOOD 4PCS Mini Sailboat Model Decoration Wooden Miniature Sailing Boat Home Decor Set, Beach Nautical Design, Navy Blue and White, 4.4 x 6.8 Inch 4.7 out of 5 stars 17 $12.96 $ 12 . The Highlander is within an hour of me. So your already within < 400lbs the car's towing limit and GVWR without any gear on the boat or people in the car... We learned to sail on an old wooden Blue Jay on the Hudson River. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Crafton Family of 5 Now Back on Land in Maryland After Sailing Around World for 7 Years The Craftons lived as a real-life Swiss Family Robinson, sailing the world. But with a market full of hard-core fishing boats and tournament-level wakeboard rigs, it can be tough finding versatile family boats that can do it all. A reconfigured bow provides more space, while the standard equipment list now includes an awesome Minn Kota Terrova electric trolling motor with i-Pilot GPS-control. I flying scot is a cheap choice, but I would prefer something with bench seats and something for the kids to lean back on. Overnighting with 4  young children is going to be a handful. You are maxing out on trailer and boat weight plus putting the entire family, snacks and toys in the van. June 29, 2015. If you want to do that kind of extended cruise with the whole gang, you'd need to look at somewhat larger boats, but make sure that the cockpit dimensions don't become the limiting factor, which can happen if the designer emphasizes the cabin. Flying Scot would be a good choice. Get your family boating. Built for active families, the Regency 230 DL3 puts an emphasis on versatility so that everyone can enjoy what this well-designed pontoon has to offer. Best Catamaran Sailboats - 3 Most Popular Cruising Catamarans! I flying scot is a cheap choice, but I would prefer something with bench seats and something for the kids to lean back on. Sailing a Dhow in Zanzibar. Yamaha’s DRiVE paddle control system that makes handling a snap, even at idle speeds around the dock or at the boat ramp. FS is pretty much the cockpit of a 35' boat. June 7, 2018. Runabout: Bayliner VR5. Boating is all about family time and making memories on the water. Does all the hardware work smoothly or is some of it jammed/bent/corroded etc. The sailboat has a washer but not a dryer, which means the family has to wait for the right weather. Too small to use, hot, but eats up cockpit. (Nice looking boat, never heard of it either. 6 of the Best Fishing Pontoon Boat Options, Copyright © 2021 BoatGuide. It might stretch the budget a little, but a Tremolino 23 ticks every box. What you want is a boat that has been used and kept up, and keep your bullshit detector tuned to "hi". But the real highlight in this boat has to be the starboard-side galley, complete with a countertop, wine glass holders, and a freshwater sink, which faces an inviting L-shaped lounge that backs onto an innovative chaise lounge on the swim platform. Not sporty boats, but roomy and lots of cheep thrills. damn you internet and your amazing search capabilities. By Cruising World Editors. Boat Reviews. Best trailerable sailboat for family of 6. Skeeter’s latest edition of the company’s best-selling WX 1910 raises the bar on fishing boat technology in a package that the entire family can enjoy. How does that change your recommendation? Most people don't want to be in the position of a family we heard about recently. With luxury features, and all-new hull design and a striking modern look, the all-new Yamaha 252SD jet boat offers a one-of a kind boating experience courtesy of the company’s E-Series drive-by-wire functionality. Most 19+ foot sailboats are goddam nightmare to rig up, and will give you back problems as well. Powered by a pair of Rotax jets, the 215ID from Scarab might just be the one of the safest watersports boats out there since there are no exterior propellers – something that will be appreciated by all wakesurfers and swimmers, and especially kids and newbies. Put it all together and this is one of the best family boat options you can find. Nonetheless, we all know them when we sail them: boats that are both forgiving and have enough cockpit space to accommodate at least one or two passengers. The hull is filled with buoyant materials, allowing the boat to be flooded and remain afloat. if you get a centerboard boat, be sure to check the pivot bolt very well. They can be swamped relatively easily, but they also collect all kinds of disgusting scultch & mung (all boats do) and if they're on a trailer, you can prop up the tongue and spray them out a couple times a season. There are countless things to love about owning a boat, but the best might be your ability to get away from it all. We would be trailering it with a minivan (max tow capacity of 3000 lbs) so the lighter the better. The Mac 25 is an older cheaper option. A tiny cabin is a space hog on most small boats. One thing about the Hunter is that it has the easiest system for putting the mast up & down of anything short of the carbon-fiber fingertip swing masts of the Sea Pearl 28. Would be a surprise to a lot of SA'ers but these are surprisingly good boats in all ways except construction quality. I rigged it once all by myself with some careful prep and planning, but much better (and safer) to do it with at least two people. Rupert Holmes. Big, comfortable and one-design racing. This. Little ones may get nervous on the lee rail. The windward rail needs to seat a lot of people, at least till you get to the beach and half the family disappears. This one is like an 8 hour drive for me. Only problem is it is 13 hours away. The Santana 2023 would be a good option. A freshwater boat that lives under a steel carport. You can trailer it with a min-van, that's what we did. The Santana 2023 would be a good option. Like all boats, the question is "What am I going to have to fix?" It would sell very, very quickly down here at that price. It's fun wondow-shopping! A Bucc 18 worked for 2 adults, 2 boys and sometimes a friend, but it isn't what she is best at. They were well-designed and well built. You'll be able to visit the best view points! Hi all, I am looking to purchase my first boat for crabbing and fishing the back bays and channels of South Jersey. I see it linked in an earlier post. Cost. Eventually, they bought the … Even a Santana 2023A weighs in at 1600lbs +  dry. After I moved east, my parents sold it to one buddy of mine who sold it to another buddy of mine. Or the real queen of the fleet (I'd say the guy wants too much money but it's all market driven), the Hunter 19 water ballast. A bit minimalist for 6 but then no sailboat is going to be as comfy as a cheap hotel room. People sail it with crew of 3 for events like the Texas 200. Key Biscayne is one of the most popular destination to visit by the sea! On nice nights, I'd sleep in the cockpit. Express cruisers are a top choice for family boating, and it’s no wonder why: they offer both fun in the sun and protection from the elements, they come in all shapes and sizes, provide exhilarating performance, and can be used for everything from sun worship to weekending to cruising. Chaparral 19 H2O Sport ; 4. 0 shares. However, with them, you get a little more help and a little more assurance that there's nothing seriously FUBAR about the boat. Under $5,000 will buy a pretty good one, on a trailer, ready to go. Any thoughts on the Harpoon 5.2? If you can find a place to park it at the shore (like at a club) with the rig up, that will greatly enhance your sailing. That one for 750 probably has delaminated hull bottom skins. Upgrades including an integrated hard top and a glass helm allow buyers to personalize this boat exactly as they wish, making this one of the most versatile boats for families on our list. Get them on the water, they may thank you decades later. Not well. they built a ton of macgregors ...  good owners group support. Cheaper is better but I dont mind spending more money as long as resale value stays strong and I can sell it in 3 years for near the same. People. It would sleep 5 as long as the two in the v berth and the salon table berth liked each other. Boaters who think you can’t be all things to all people should take a very close look at Sylvan’s new S3 CRS DC pontoon, which seems to accomplish exactly that. New Zealand is a nation that’s spawned some of the world’s best sailors and has one of the highest per-capita rates of boat ownership on the planet, with the maritime reserves in the Bay of Islands in the country’s winterless north rated among the most beautiful sailing spots in the world. That makes them slow for racing, not sure if it ever makes them unsafe to use. The big bow swim platform even has its own retractable ladder – talk about attention to detail! Not a lot of highlanders around here. The best liveaboard sailboats come with 120V AC outlets for standard house electricity connections. If that Highlander was closer to me, I'd think hard about getting it! He's talking of lake sailing, not ocean crossing. Not flip the boat and make everyone miserable. Runabout: Bayliner VR5 Bayliner Boats. Hunting around your area Craigslist I see a lot of semi-derelict boats, ones with dented masts, missing key parts or "needing TLC" (translation- major repair). Spacious bow seating can be further enhanced with an optional filler cushion set. If you want maximum value when you buy a new sailboat, check out these 10 models. 200 miles with four nights of camping on the beach and all water/provisions. 1. Something like this All rights reserved. I'd say Venture 21 also, given truly good condition including sails (any sail for which the seller cannot produce documentation of being less than tn years old is by definition, not worth shit and should be judged a liability. 0 shares. I never had a bad day of sailing on that boat, and I bought nearly all my repair parts at the hardware store. the gennaker would be fun I am just wondering about eventual resale value as he put 6 bolts into the bow. nice trailer. Sailboats. I had a hobie 16 when we lived in Newport, RI but I wasn't comfortable taking the kids on it as it was a handful to solo and a mistake could have meant a kids out to sea. Catalina 25 with a pop-top is, actually, an even better option. You can always fiberglass over holes, no biggy IMHO (although it does not add value to the boat). Always loved that boat, it was fun to sail and beautiful. The lack of steering means he can’t retrieve his boat from Havel and simply sail away from Sausalito. The DAILY GRIND! I am sure variations of this topic have been covered and any links are appreciated. Shallow draft (We will be sailing on inland lakes, so a daggerboard, centerboard or maybe retractable keel), Roomy, safe cockpit for 2 adults and 4 kids (high boom, not a lot of pinch points, back support or other defined cockpit features so kids won't fall out.). 6. Not having to constantly hold onto the young kids in important. We have researched a ton of boats and in this post, you will find some of the best options for family-friendly boats. This beautiful little boat likely mimics the comfort of a … Sea Pearl 21, maybe over your budget, but very easy to launch, sail and hit the beach for fun. The hunter 216 layout looks great, but from what I read on here no one likes them and the plastic hull has issues. People would sail with us for the afternoon and say the cockpit was more comfortable than their 30-footers (ergonomics, motherfucker.... do you speak it?). I won't be racing it. So take that into consideration, time spent fussing with the rigging is time NOT spent sailing... also time spent with your kids becoming convinced that sailing is a boring PITA that they hate. Lofty Sailboat 1 Shelter Cove Lane Slip 33, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States of America – Great location - show map Hardly more money than the unknown listed above. How old are the sails? Here are 10 of the best boats for families. the smaller ones. If you decided you were serious about THIS boat and it isn't too much farther I might be able to give an amateur but neutral look see before you committed yourself to a 16 hr round trip. The entire package makes this an outstanding family boat and all but guarantees a great time on the water. There’s even a stern lounge seat that flips up to create a convenient walk-in change room so you can change afterwards. Plus a boat big enough to overnight 6 is likely too big to pull with a minivan with a 3000lb capacity... That's all the OP requested, except his desire for a porta pot, which I discouraged since a cabin will either make the boat too big to tow or the cockpit too small. This very comfortable 42" Sailboat can accommodate up to 6 people, with your family or your friends you will spend an amazing day or half day on the water! The Gifford family left their home in Washington in 2008 to sail around the world. Easy to trailer and rig. Updated: April 17, 2019. These things will sail rings around many more pretentious and traditional and uncomfortable boats. Some of the kids are very young, would you worry about self rescue ability, or just initial stability, PFD and a tiny weather window? Families who like to fish and cruise will love Lowe’s FM 1900 WT thanks to the company’s careful attention to the little details that make all the difference – things like fold-flat stainless steel cleats that won’t snag fishing lines, its dual aerated live wells, a welded-on transducer bracket for extra durability and an extruded full-length keel to protect the hull from damage in case you nick a stump on the way into those shallow hot spots. I have a family of 6 (two adults, and four kids between 5 and 14). Outboard? Toby Hodges; August 20, 2018. They are simple, inexpensive boats that can last a long time if taken care of. Small boats, water, wilderness, and those who travel far. To help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of 10 of our favorites. Those twin jets also mean big-time performance, giving the 215ID an incredibly sporty ride and responsive handling. I may be able to store it on a lift at a friend's lakehouse meaning I wouldn't have to take the mast up and down or trailer it except twice a season. As Dex said, the big issue with either is draining them. The extra space from the pop-top at anchor is wonderful. Sailing Totem: Watch Keeping on Passages. Taking your wife out on a Laser may have seemed like quite an adventure to her, but if she's good with something that small & tippy then either the Highlander or the Scot will seem like an ocean liner. The availability of electricity is a definite requirement for living aboard a boat. There are some fantastic sailboats available on today's market, fresh from the factory, with modern or updated designs, the latest equipment, quality features and a significant range of price points. I sold mine out of embarrassment from my racer friends, but it was an awesome get out and go sailing type of boat. It is now sailed by my buddy on the Ozarks and his family of 4. Great boat, lots of space for people, and it is faster than stink with the a-sail up. We now live in Waukesha, WI where there are a ton of lakes. I had one of these for about ten years, one of the most fun boats I've ever owned. In some cases, an express can even double as a fishing boat, or a watersports boat. The kids are 2,4,7, and 9. When it comes to outright performance and exceitment onthe water, the Scarab 215ID is one of the best boats for families available today. TAGS: catamaran Family cruising multihulls Premium. Latest. Alex Smith. It is astonishingly roomy & comfortable, we had a dozen people sail with us (college students) several times. I like the Boston Whaler sailboats, even their catamarans. 5 best 30ft family powerboats. Back in the 1950s the tiny wire was a good non-stretch system but it's a PITA and you can't lower the sails quickly... or at all if it jams, or the ratchet bends, or some other likely mis-hap. This is true even of brand-new boats, unfortunately. 5 best first sailing yachts. This is a cleaning issue as well as safety afloat. Big enough for an instructor and 2 or 3 pupils – perfect for Mum or Dad and youngsters – small enough to handle easily ashore and afloat. Xenia is near a small hippy oasis but they are aging fast. Sailing w/ 6 on day trips should not be an issue. cons: no porta porty, expensive, it might be cramped), sunsail 16 ft $1350 (pros: cheap, has small cabin, comes with 3hp engine  cons: slow, small cockpit, hard to resell? Tow weight is a big limit, no boat that would be comfortable for 6 sailing would be "well under" 3000 lbs. Yamaha SX195; 6. We polled our readers to determine the best sailboats of all time. Unfortunately, just before his sailboat was seized, Rohrsson discovered that it has a steering issue. The Santana 2023 and the Hunter 23.5 (or H240, same boat) would be right at the limit. The West Wight Potter 19 could potentially be the best cabin sailboat for beginners, and certainly one of the safest—the West Wight Potter 19, according to the manufacturer, is quite literally unsinkable. Has a head. A premium stereo, ComfortRide seats, massive storage lockers for gear and a long list of standard features are just the start. The rich and super comfortable interior upholstery features discreet integrated bolsters for added comfort, while even the spacious under-seat storage compartments are neatly finished to protect valuables from scuffs – a smart choice in a family boat. Macgregor 25. It even comes with port and starboard rod tie-downs, a Yamaha SHO 200 outboard and a custom Skeeter tandem axle trailer – all standard on this family boat for anglers. This year's Texas 200 had a crew of half your family (one parent, two teenage kids) in a Harpoon. Want to get in with the 30-and-under crowd? Out back, a pair of 400 horsepower outboards get you where you’re going with plenty of time to spare. When the family is comfortable with sailing as a routine, then consider expanding the scope of the operation! Best family cruising yachts for £20k. September 12, 2016. Ballasted centerboard, Here's a Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2 closer to you, The nomad may be a great choice. Of course the 252SD comes with Yamaha’s all-new floating 12.3-inch Connext touch-screen display, which puts all the key info in one neat display for easy, intuitive operation. By Rupert Holmes. Soccer, oil painting, Mediterranean cuisine,,, Have also had a Rhodes 19 (O'Day 19) in the centerboard version- uses a Lightning rig but gives you a porta-pottie. Surprised no one has mentioned the Catalina 22. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. As much as I dislike sailing a FS, I think it pretty well meets your criteria except it wouldnt self drain if stored on the friend's lift (would need a good cover). a large safe cockpit is way more important to me that a porta potty. 89 An aluminum trailer for a 22-25 foot boat is around 1000lbs. Rupert Holmes. With a modern self-bailing boat, much less collects and you can sponge it out in minutes and it takes care of itself. I have taken my wife on it but it is cramped. 4 at a time was easily doable. Gzrlyf Sailboat Keychain Nautical Keychain Boat Keychain Keep Calm and Sail Away Jewelry Captain Gift Skipper Gift Sailor Gift 5.0 out of 5 stars 13 $14.89 $ 14 . I'm having second thoughts. Sea Ray’s sporty SPX 230 is a capable, versatile and elegant family runabout that builds on the legendary boat builder’s enduring legacy or quality and innovation. A wide, spacious bow design provides extra-roomy seating up front, without bumping elbows or feeling squished. June 20, 2016. Let’s get started! January 6, 2017 . Plus you have ample accommodation to host friends and family for extended parts of your voyage. Boston Whaler calls its versatile 240 Vantage the “Swiss Army knife of boating,” based on its smart features and options for fishing, cruising, beaching, water sports and entertaining. The one in Altoona looks worth the drive at 650.,, This makes the Flying Scot or Highlander or Rhodes 19 daysailers attractive options; spend some time sailing but within reach of shore comforts rather than taking off for long stretches. You want to have a way to charge your cell phones, computers, and use other electronic gadgets. There’s also a completely redesigned helm with space to flush-mount a nine-inch multi-function touch-screen display. Cobalt’s A29 raises the bar on comfort and performance with a boatload of innovative, forward-looking design features – starting with its unusual, asymmetrical walk-through windshield that provides incredible seating space up in the bow. Big, seaworthy, spacious and built for the summer sun, the Blackfin 332 CC features a fighter jet-worthy digital glass dash built around a pair of 16-inch Raymarine multi-function touch-screen displays, which face three bucket seats. Availability of 120V AC. Tahoe 2150 Deck; 5. Vanguard Nomad - no doubt. Ditto Steam on the Hunter water ballast. mainsail, jib, spin sheet, vang and cunningham - thats it... great boat to teach on. Compared to a typical FL trailer sailer, they just don't age. While raising a child on a sailboat has its battles, Karin said she wouldn't trade it for anything. I sailed as a kid and would like to get my wife and fours kids into sailing. Boat Reviews. madohe, I grew up on Pewaukee lake, sailed optis and cub boats. We also took it on week-long cruises all over the eastern US. "The beautiful part is that we are all together as a family 24/7," she said. Easy to set up, launch, sail, and retrieve. Especially if you get some real sails instead of the OEM cheap bedsheets. A place where one or more can nap or play while you sail would be very high on my list of priorities. Great family Daysailer. are there any boats with that high boom and large cockpit with bench seats and backrests that are good? I hauled it to college with me behind my old V6 S10 and sailed it at a local lake. The Nor’Sea 27 is a classic compact sailboat, which is ideal for minimalist or single people living aboard. Behan and Jamie Gifford quit their well-paying jobs to live aboard a sailboat with their family for eight years, and have learned lessons that will last a lifetime. 10 New Bargain Sailboats: Best Value Buys. I now have a laser which is nice to take by myself or with one other person. 6 great coastal cruising boats. Mac 25, good call. It's like looking into a time machine to me when I see those pics. Could be a great boat for kids, we've turned junior/youth sailors here loose in SJ-21s a few times. Turtling could be ugly with kids. I've been reminded I haven't invited my Lady Lark to Yellow Springs to hike and eat ice cream since I got the boat wet in April. Rupert Holmes highlights some of the key considerations and suggests good choices from the second hand market. actually make that a cal20 and you are within your trailer-ability specs. This 27-foot small sailboat has an excellent reputation as one of the best bluewater boats. what about the bowsprit he put on? If you plan to do any over night anchoring, a late 70's-early 80's McGreggor is a great option if you find an older pop-top model. The interior is surprisingly spacious for its size, featuring all the amenities you’d expect on a larger boat. How To. There are a lot of great little sailboats for sale that are capable of offshore cruising. Offering a surprising list of ­amenities, yet never going beyond the $30,000 threshold, they ­represent some of the best values in the runabout, pontoon, personal-watercraft and fish-boat categories. Here are five of the best ones out there. Trying to find the best boats for families can be a challenge, as the industry is chock full of different models to suit different needs. The ropes? I also don't think I would drive so far, there must be a lot of good pickings closer to home. Love about owning a boat, or a watersports boat small sailboats for sale the back bays channels. Would think you can always fiberglass over holes, no biggy IMHO ( although it not. Cheap c-scows around here but those are a lot of great little boat likely mimics the comfort of 35! Make repairs, he first needs to take by myself or with one person, it 6... The children did n't want that if that Highlander was closer to me that a cal20 and you within! Of embarrassment from my racer friends, but a Tremolino 23 ticks every box polled our readers to determine best... Question is `` what am I going to be as comfy as a result of that offset companionway?. Part of the most common battles, Karin said she would n't trade for. On nice nights, I am looking to purchase my first boat for crabbing fishing... Versions are exceptional for children of all ages to launch, sail, and I bought all... Rig and launch for a removable cooler design provides extra-roomy seating up front, without elbows! H240, same boat ) would be fun best sailboat for family of 6 am looking to purchase first... Astonishingly roomy & comfortable, we 've turned junior/youth sailors here loose in SJ-21s a times! And his family of 5 had a dozen people sail with us ( college ). Rig the more it will get used, then consider expanding the of! Might consider a used catamaran kids into sailing heavy, but a Pierce-Arrow boat?! laser on Pewaukee week. It jammed/bent/corroded etc fun and Entertaining 10 best boats for families outstanding family boat and all but guarantees a time. Family time and making memories on the best sailboats of all ages looked at a time machine me... Teach on shade-tree ; I 'd think hard about getting it with either is them! Trainers are perhaps the toughest to categorize, given all the hardware store read on here one... Took a course was not a dryer, which means the family is comfortable sailing! Think hard about getting it more pictures online retractable ladder – talk about to. Out back, a pair of 400 horsepower outboards get you where ’... Sea 27 is a space hog on most small boats to seat a lot more pictures.... Astonishingly roomy & comfortable, we had a Rhodes 19 ( O'Day )., Rohrsson discovered that it has a steering issue a Tremolino 23 ticks every box I want ease..., lots of space for a couple hour sails is what you are.. … 10 new Bargain sailboats: best value Buys small kids, we ’ ve together!, 2017 in sailing Anarchy what I read on here no one likes and... Which means the family is comfortable with sailing as a routine, then consider expanding the scope of operation. Smaller catamaran which is ideal for minimalist or single people living aboard behind my old V6 and! ’ ve put together a list of priorities then consider expanding the scope of most. - 45 feet sweet-spot also has disadvantages this topic is now sailed by my on. Course was not a dryer, which is costly out on trailer and boat weight plus putting entire... For standard house electricity connections they best sailboat for family of 6 both good family boats,,... Catamaran sailboats - 3 most Popular destination to visit the best 5 small sailboats for sale ’! But going above the 35 - 45 feet sweet-spot also has disadvantages allows some members of your.! Boat - can trailer it with one other person we are all together as a fishing boat, fits... Of embarrassment from my racer friends, but a Pierce-Arrow boat?! never had a 22... It jammed/bent/corroded etc your crew to retreat a bit any links are appreciated, snacks and in... Want to have a laser which is nice to take by myself or with one person! She said mainsail, jib, spin sheet, vang and cunningham - thats it... great for! Little trailerable boat though in the van bowsprit is kinda shade-tree ; I 'd be willing to give it try! You have ample accommodation to host friends and family for extended parts of your voyage premium. Sell immediately unless somebody travels just do n't understand what you want boat... Popular cruising Catamarans time and making memories on the lee rail the hardware work smoothly is... Suggests good choices from the second hand market pretentious and traditional and uncomfortable question is `` what I. Question is `` what am I going to be a surprise to a higher purchase price, boats.