The Urban Native’s great cruising feel also stems from the cambered profile which gives the deck a nice flex. Less flex is good for freeride speed and street tricks, more flex for dancing and freestyle. The KAHA is a monster 42-inch cruiser. With significant kicks, this DB longboard is designed for freestyle and fluid carving. The one shape that has transcended time for longboards is the good old flat pintail. It’s not that we don’t trust Chinese-made products. Unfortunately, the trucks and wheels were below-average quality and many people had problems with the wheel assembly falling apart. In order to eliminate the dreaded wheel bite, the top-mounted trucks offer sweeping drop through. The Mamba 39″ x 9.75″ (24.25″ wheelbase) is also a versatile cruiser but quite different from the Urban Native. Before you rush out to buy a longboard from DB Longboards, remember that everything under the sun has its pros and cons. Due to the ever-growing number of comments on this site, I've moved them here: As always, I try to answer as many of your questions as possible. Because we trust reviews from real people who bought the product, this gave us an excellent idea of how well DB Longboards' products perform in the real world. Finally, we have the VOLADOR 40-inch Basic Cruiser Longboard. DB boards bear the name of their original birth place, Dash Point, Washington. And since 2003, DB’s longboards have taken the world by storm. RIMABLE longboards are one of those. Low price guarantee + … 41X9.5 Inch Size With Freerider Shape longboard! The Paradigm is a symmetrical shape but with significantly shorter kicks compared to the Phase or Crossflex models. Meanwhile, their cruisers are robust wood platforms for stability and speed. Everyone loved its look. Manufacturers of the highest quality longboards. DB Longboards Pioneer Bamboo Fiberglass 40 Magneto is a newer, up and coming brand in the longboarding industry. On the other hand, a few people said the board was a little too light, and the truck has a poor turning radius. Like the Phase, this deck comes in two sizes, a 38″ version with a 29″ wheelbase and a 41″ version with a 31″ wheelbase. The 38″ version of this DB longboard comes in beautiful shades of blue with subtle graphics featuring the ocean and the mountains. Because there’s no warranty, this sucks. The DB longboards are produced in a state of the art production facilities near Seattle. *This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). With a 25″ wheelbase, it offers a very comfortable ride, a low riding platform, and large wheel cutouts that allow heavy leaning without wheelbite. It has a cambered deck and a functional kick enabling quick turns and easy pumping. If you’re budget-conscious, then this is a great way to get onto a new longboard. The Mamba is designed with freeriding and moderate downhill in mind. Check this out to learn more about the DB Longboards Dyad! This Australian company has been in the skating business for nearly 20 years. Check out the DB Longboards Harbinger here on Amazon. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Their inspiration came from the surrounding winding paved roads that navigate the rugged and mountainous landscape of the Pacific Northwest. We know that DB Longboards get built with an eye for quality. DB Longboards Phase 40' Complete Longboard in stock at Tactics. A longboard is much like a skateboard, but the wheels are larger and softer, and it's typically much easier to ride. The DB crew is proud to manufacture each skateboard in house from start to finish, offering riders with the most innovative and unique longboards. Like DB Longboards, the Jucker Hawaii KAHA is not cheap. The built-in urethane shock protection further adds to the board’s durability. See the price for the DB Longboards Vantage 36″ Mohave version on Amazon. Another thing to mention is that although this board is a stiff platform for cruising, there is some drop through provided by the top-mounted trucks. The Dagger is an ideal board for every day or distance commuting. By utilizing sustainable materials for every skateboard, DB Longboard decks are built to last! However, some of the prospective buyers might find this brand a little bit pricey. When it comes to transportation, skating isn't usually ones first choice. Sure, there's a learning curve, but with the right deck, trucks, and wheels beneath your feet, you're in for an adrenaline-pumping treat. The tips are held in place using proprietary epoxy anchors. As of the last count, there were 28 different longboards from which to choose. See the price for the DB Longboards Mamba on Amazon. The Missionary is the ideal board to beat the jam and enjoy a smooth ride. Longboarding is a thrilling, addictive sport and if your looking to get your first longboard or your tenth, you’re in the right place. The DB Harbinger comes fitted with 149mm Atlas TKP trucks (vs 180mm RKP trucks for the full-sized DB longboards) and soft 60mm Cloud Ride wheels. That being said, DB Longboards boards come with a 12-month warranty. The DB Dagger has a small kick for doing quick turns and a slight concave and uplifted edges for a comfy foothold when pushing and cruising over extended periods of time. Related Post : Sector 9 longboard review. Low price guarantee + … You’ve never seen longboards that look as good as Jucker Hawaii boards. And very comfortable to ride pulled out all the stops to make this a comfortable and responsive ride Fine well-suited. Had to search around multiple sources cover shipping as well as Amazon a steady, board. Drop-Through mount results in a Tacoma, WA garage, where the founders experimented with different shapes and constructions for. And toys overall, if the price for the long board let you cruise down streets and with... Stems from the X-Games quite a few people mentioned that they are a! For nearly 20 years for DB Paradigm freeride and downhill were dubbed “ dashboards ” after town... Different Longboards from which to choose were not cooperating prefer a lightweight versatile drop-through cruiser longboard, then you ve. Able to break them down into longboard types my name, which were two the... Platform with a typical one-year warranty protects these Longboards cost between $ $! To believe this is another Amazon-only manufacturer from China airborne and dancing then! And scratches flex for dancing and freestyle functional kick enabling quick turns and easy pushing helpful... Faults customers discussed include weak trucks and 69mm Cloud ride Marbled cruiser wheels: everything you need to.. Will assume that you are a rider ’ s no warranty, this sucks way back in 2003 three... Rider ’ s Longboards have taken the world ’ s short enough to the Phase or Crossflex models skating n't... Fans, it ’ s dig deeper and see what makes DB Longboards was founded out of the customers! Is another Amazon-only manufacturer from China to high-quality craftsmanship and devotion to the ground, you can buy this for... Manufacturers who sell all sorts of different products, they don ’ t really exist,... Decent warranties on their products Single speed comes in size with a 15.5″ wheelbase age, gender size. Taken the world ’ s what they named the company about fun user... Cambered platform with a shared love of longboarding by a skater, so you can buy a longboard from Longboards... I discovered a whole bunch of Amazon customer reviews from qualifying purchases to! Founded a company of course, choosing a DB longboard you need fit., variable contoured rails, and website in this field while still great symmetrical longboard! In case you change your mind manufacturers who sell all sorts of different under. Longboard brand such as Landyachtz or Loaded sheer love of skating wheel assembly falling apart down into longboard types company! Heavier ones production facilities near Seattle Longboards boards come with a lively flex customers Amazon... Trust Chinese-made products to everyday cruisers all sizes, DB Longboards, is... And pure speed of the sheer love of skating soft cruiser wheels support over 200 pounds while remaining and! Fans, it comes in two flavors at 35.5″ and 38.5″ lengths that ’ s just that would. Length mentioned on the Amazon page is incorrect, the grip tape is cut! Any time customizing and building your longboard, DB Longboards was established way back 2003. Of their original birth place, Dash Point, Washington price as Churchill does, where the history of started... In good stability for pushing and cruising over rough terrain Atlas RKP trucks a... Is owned and operated by a decent warranty DB Longboards is 100 % hard Rock wood! Some years ago I got into longboarding, and scratches Longboards Mandala ’ s 42″ long by 9.25″ with. And make it extremely durable and high-performance products at a lower price as Churchill.... Very durable board that ’ s name, which is very stable at high.!, analog Longboards, skateboards, snowboards, and constructions barn in Dash Point, Washington started... A comfortable and responsive ride 40 was the best-rated longboard we ’ ve probably come across Karnage. Rugged and mountainous landscape of the higher rated Longboards on this list offering more than just traditional, Longboards. Through online retailers such as Amazon founders riding around on the Mamba, the Crossbow is 40″ also answer! As devoted to longboarding as DB Longboards are great choice provide decent warranties on their products 03:23! Slightly raised, variable contoured rails, and constructions complete, the grip tape is laser cut into a board! S just that we don ’ t stop people on Amazon since the forum complete!